Lyrics Reallidoe


Born James Musa to Native Sierra Leonean Parents in Harlem, New York, Lyrics spent a majority of his childhood in a variety of cities in the tri-state area, settling in New Brighton, Staten Island NY.

His interest in music started at age 15, when a friend convinced him to write a song after hearing him sing. Lyrics began recording in his room with a $5.00 microphone on his desktop computer. Throughout middle school and high school, he involved himself in various music programs, radio broadcasting and audio journalism, leading him into songwriting. He soon developed relationships with artists including 2nd Generation Wu artists iNTeLL & PxWeR and Dock Street Records in house producer Zeph McFly. He is 1/3 of the musical group The Third with artists Kennedy Price & Micah.

Lyrics Reallidoe – Work It Out Feat. iNTeLL

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