Flatbush Voice

Hip-Hop Artist

20-year-old African-American, Flatbush Voice, was born in East Flatbush, New York, and started rapping at the age of 13. He began taking it seriously in 2018, and is now releasing his first two singles with Dock Street Records called “Move on” and “Baby I Am in Love with You.”

Previously, Voice released music with Young Stepth, Thottiana back in 2020. Flatbush Voice also is now working with another producer @neighbour_bt and is releasing a song called “Back in the Booth”

The youngster has come a long way from the streets of Brooklyn. The neighborhood he lived in didn’t stop him from becoming who he is today. Flatbush Voice exact words were “Just because I am from a place where the sun don’t shine, doesn’t mean I can’t make it”

Click here to listen to Flatbush Voice’s debut single ,”Move On”