Dock Street Music is always on the lookout for great new artists to share with you. Our independent label emphasizes agreements where artists share in the creation of their art and their branding, sharing profits and control, as opposed to larger labels who aim to control the destiny of their acts.

Dock Street Projects:

Method Man’s “The Meth Lab”

From sister-label, Hanz On Music, comes the fifth studio album from Wu Tang Clan standout, Method Man. Executive Producers Ettore & Hanz On brought you the Method Man The Meth Lab charting # 4 in Billboard Top Rap Album, # 6 in Billboard Top R & B / Hip Hop Album and # 4 in Billboard Independent Album. It also charted in France, Belgium, Australia, Germany & Switzerland. Singles included Straight Gutta, The Meth Lab & Purple Tape.

Hanz On Music and Tommy Boy Records are very proud to announce the upcoming release of “The Meth Lab”, the next album from Wu Tang Clan member Method Man. Following the group’s 20th anniversary, 2015 was the perfect time for Meth to drop “The Meth Lab”

The internet is already very excited for the upcoming release, with Spin, Pitchfork, Noisey, Hip-Hop DX, and The Boombox spreading the word.

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Young Lucid

Young Lucid. Lucid is an emcee from Staten Island, who blends no-nonsense lyrics with keen wordplay & melodic hooks into a diverse style that is bound to shake the game.

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The Artificial Kid

Featuring “CIA:  Control Investigate, Americans,” the theme song to Business Underground, CIA is a hard-hitting, thought provoking, rock-n-roll powerhouse.

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Ettore Mazzei

The rock styling of Ettore show that the company’s founder and venue operator doesn’t just sell or promote music, but actually creates it himself.

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