Katelyn Fre

Hailing from Livingston Manor, New York, Katelyn is a 16 year old, Plus-Size Model and Actress. Katelyn actively particates in Livingston Manor High School’s Soccer, Basketball, Golf programs and Theater programs. Originally from Nebraska, Katelyn now lives in Livingston Manor and spends her weekends and Summer in New York City. Katelyn has brown hair and hazel eyes, is 5’10″and 195 lbs. Friends and family would consider Katelyn to be a very focused, organized and a hard-working individual who loves school and has a passion to learn new things.



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Angelica Divita

Angelica is a Sicilian/American, model and actress raised in New York. Originally she started working with her talent as a fashion merchandiser and stylist. With the experience she flourished into a petite model in NYC’s fashion industry.




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